#48 Freelance to Freedom - with Vincent Pugliese

May 13, 2021 01:03:40
#48 Freelance to Freedom - with Vincent Pugliese
Stronger Business Podcast
#48 Freelance to Freedom - with Vincent Pugliese

May 13 2021 | 01:03:40


Show Notes

Today’s guest started out as a directionless, jobless young man, but that didn’t last long. After one life-changing conversation, decided to become a sports photographer, reaching incredible levels of success in that field. He then pivoted from photography to build the lifestyle he craved, an on-the-road adventure of coaching, homeschooling, and total freedom. In this episode, Josh and Chad interview Vincent Pugliese, creator of the Total Life Freedom movement and author of the book Freelance to Freedom.

How did Vincent go from feeling like the dumb kid in school to a successful powerhouse with the lifestyle of his dreams? Listen to this episode to find out!

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Freelance to Freedom,” free audiobook by Vincent Pugliese

Find out more about Vincent Pugliese on TotalLifeFreedom.com and the Total Life Freedom podcast!

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