#102 Lead and Revenue Generation - with the Dadpreneur Alex Oliveira

August 05, 2022 01:04:19
#102 Lead and Revenue Generation - with the Dadpreneur Alex Oliveira
Stronger Business Podcast
#102 Lead and Revenue Generation - with the Dadpreneur Alex Oliveira

Aug 05 2022 | 01:04:19


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People want to have a great experience and to know that you're the type of company that cares. So how can you create those lasting relationships and experience-driven connections with your audience and potential clients? How do you stand out in a world of digital marketers all shouting their own message? 

In this conversation with the Dadpreneur himself, Alex Oliveira, Chad and Josh explore the differences between digital marketing and connecting with your audience, how to leverage and develop existing relationships, and the things you may be overlooking in your marketing strategy.

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Find out more about Alex Oliveira on dadpreneur.co or check out his podcast, The Dadpreneur Show!

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