#103 Create the Business You Want - with Chad and Josh

August 12, 2022 00:49:16
#103 Create the Business You Want - with Chad and Josh
Stronger Business Podcast
#103 Create the Business You Want - with Chad and Josh

Aug 12 2022 | 00:49:16


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Whenever you're developing a project, business, or idea, spending the time to learn from the examples set by other successful people will give you inspiration to think outside the box in your own business. And sometimes, you realize through the process that you're not creating what you thought you were. So how can you shift your mindset to build the business you want? 

In this episode with Chad and Josh, we hear Chad's raving review of The Brimm Retreat (hosted by Summit speaker and former podcast guest Sallie Holder) and all the growth and ideas it inspired for the Stronger Business brand. We can't wait to share these takeaways with you and to hear your feedback! 

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Find out more about The Brimm Retreat on growwiththebrimm.com!

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Stronger Business Podcast episode 5 with Chad Collins and Stronger Business Podcast episode 64 with Sallie Holder

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