#104 Committing to Your Big Ideas - with Cody Askins

August 19, 2022 00:53:02
#104 Committing to Your Big Ideas - with Cody Askins
Stronger Business Podcast
#104 Committing to Your Big Ideas - with Cody Askins

Aug 19 2022 | 00:53:02


Show Notes

We've all had that Tiger King moment, "How am I going to financially recover from this?" And today's guest is no stranger to that feeling. But he's also not afraid of it. 

In this conversation with Cody Askins, successful insurance agent, speaker, and founder of the 8% Nation conference; Chad and Josh talk through some of the ways that Cody has leaned into his creativity, commitment, and desire to win to make a successful and epic insurance conference unlike any in his industry. 

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Find out more about Cody Askins and the 8% Nation conference on 8percentnation.com!

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