#64 Fear of Failure or Fear of Success? - with Sallie Holder

October 02, 2021 01:05:17
#64 Fear of Failure or Fear of Success? - with Sallie Holder
Stronger Business Podcast
#64 Fear of Failure or Fear of Success? - with Sallie Holder

Oct 02 2021 | 01:05:17


Show Notes

It’s often said that entrepreneurs struggle most with a fear of failure and loss. But today’s guest, Sallie Holder, proposes that it isn’t failure, but SUCCESS that intimidates entrepreneurs. What happens if you move away from that fear and toward the person you know you can be? In this episode, Josh and Chad discuss with Sallie all the ways we self-sabotage and how to grow out of that place.

So if you know you have a higher potential and you want to move toward it, this episode is for you!

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Find out more about Sallie Holder on https://growwiththebrimm.com/!

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