#43 The Four Keys to Intentional Transformation - with Eric Dunavant

April 15, 2021 00:49:21
#43 The Four Keys to Intentional Transformation - with Eric Dunavant
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#43 The Four Keys to Intentional Transformation - with Eric Dunavant

Apr 15 2021 | 00:49:21


Show Notes

Eric Dunavant found himself facing an apparently insurmountable set of obstacles for his business when he launched it – right before the country plunged into the recession. Now today, Paradiem has overcome those hurdles to become a company that guides families and businesses to discover how their resources can provide a comfortable living now AND impact the future. In this episode, Eric shares with Josh and Chad his four components to help you successfully transform your family, finance, business, and leadership, and to empower you to live a better story.

So if you find yourself wondering how to ensure your choices now will have a positive impact on the future of your family, and you don’t know where to start, start by listening to this episode.

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