#22 DIVAS Develop Intentional Victory And Success - with Chanda Santana

November 26, 2020 01:15:05
#22 DIVAS Develop Intentional Victory And Success - with Chanda Santana
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#22 DIVAS Develop Intentional Victory And Success - with Chanda Santana

Nov 26 2020 | 01:15:05


Show Notes

After her 17 year old daughter was taken by sex traffickers and Chanda Santana was forced to fight and advocate to get her daughter rescued before she became a legal adult and untouchable by the justice system, Chanda realized that the vision she had to start a recovery center needed to become reality. Over the past three years she has bootstrapped DIVAS Who Win Freedom Center to bring it to the place of success it is today.

So if you have passion to pursue a cause or if you want encouragement as you bootstrap a business of your own, this episode is for you!


Find out more about Chanda Santana on divaswhowin.org!

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