#122 Defining the Future of Your Business - with Steven Adjei

December 23, 2022 00:59:24
#122 Defining the Future of Your Business - with Steven Adjei
Stronger Business Podcast
#122 Defining the Future of Your Business - with Steven Adjei

Dec 23 2022 | 00:59:24


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Have you ever spent time thinking and planning where you want to end up in your business? Not the level of success, the revenue number, or even the number of clients. Where do YOU want to end up in your business? Will you be a philanthropist? A pathfinder? A purist? Or will you end up profligate? 

In this conversation with award-winning pharmacist, best selling author, entrepreneur, Africa Optimist and poet Steve Adjei, Chad and Josh hear how to break down your current state of pain and how it can guide you into the future that you want. Are you ready to pay the price? Find out in this episode!

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“Pay the Price: Creating Ethical Entrepreneurial Success Through Passion, Pain, and Purpose,” by Steven Adjei

Find out more about Steven Adjei and his book, "Pay the Price," on stevenadjei.com!

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