#105 Developing a Niche Podcast Brand - with Larry Roberts

August 26, 2022 00:56:56
#105 Developing a Niche Podcast Brand - with Larry Roberts
Stronger Business Podcast
#105 Developing a Niche Podcast Brand - with Larry Roberts

Aug 26 2022 | 00:56:56


Show Notes

 "I just want to appeal to everyone!"

"My ideal customer is anyone who likes the content!" 

Two things you may have heard (or said) about someone's product, content, or overall offering. In this episode our special guest challenges that perspective, based on his own experience, and why going "small audience" and "niche" is exactly what you want to succeed, particularly in the context of finding your podcast niche. 

Today Chad and Josh are joined by Larry Roberts, podcasting expert, recently named to Podcast Magazine's "40 Over 40" list, and host of the successful show, "You're the Boss." 

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Visit Larry Roberts on meetlarryroberts.com and mention the Stronger Business Podcast to claim this episode's special offer of a podcast audit for $99 and check out his podcast, You're The Boss!

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