#8 From Side-Gig to Six Figures - with Melinda Walker

August 05, 2020 01:09:24
#8 From Side-Gig to Six Figures - with Melinda Walker
Stronger Business Podcast
#8 From Side-Gig to Six Figures - with Melinda Walker

Aug 05 2020 | 01:09:24


Show Notes

Have you considered starting a side-gig but you have no idea how to begin? In this episode, Melinda Walker joins Josh Melton and Chad Brown to tell the story of how she took her idea for a side-income from an idea, to spare spending cash, to a full-blown, six figure business. 

If you have a business you’re trying to scale up or a side-gig that you want to take full-time, this episode is for you! 


"The E-Myth" by Gino Wickman

Get in touch with Melinda on https://www.profitablepetsitter.com! 

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