#84 Why You Should Be An Entrepreneur - with Justin Rule

April 01, 2022 01:05:47
#84 Why You Should Be An Entrepreneur - with Justin Rule
Stronger Business Podcast
#84 Why You Should Be An Entrepreneur - with Justin Rule

Apr 01 2022 | 01:05:47


Show Notes

Justin Rule's past job count is 22 jobs, ranging from lawn care to the teaching world and into the non-profit world. But somewhere along the way, through all those work experiences, Justin made a life-changing discovery. He realized that he was an entrepreneur, not built to be an employee. And since that decision, he has built businesses that succeeded and businesses that failed! 

In this episode, Justin chronicles for Josh and Chad some of the incredible, inspired, and leap of faith choices that led to the building of his successful SEO and website building business today. You will leave inspired, so don't miss it! 

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Find out more about Justin Rule on sparrowwebsites.com and launchkits.com, and don't forget to use the code STRONGER to get $100 off your website launch!

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