#81 How to Launch a Stronger Brand - with Josh and Chad

March 11, 2022 00:37:15
#81 How to Launch a Stronger Brand - with Josh and Chad
Stronger Business Podcast
#81 How to Launch a Stronger Brand - with Josh and Chad

Mar 11 2022 | 00:37:15


Show Notes

We loved our conversation last week with Ginny Givens of Ginny's Custom Embroidery! She is a branding expert with so much insight to offer, and it reminded us of some of the branding decisions we've made or struggled to make in some of our businesses in the past, so we wanted to share with you how we've applied some of these branding principles and the things we've learned along the way.

Whether you're launching a brand, strengthening a brand, or launching a RE-brand, this episode has wisdom and insight for you!

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Find out more about Ginny Givens at ginnyscustomembroidery.com!

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Episodes 12 and 13 - with Clay Kirkland (How Much Does Your EQ Cost You? part 1 and 2) 

Episode 68 - with Amy Whipple (How to Develop Stronger Processes)

Episode 25 - with Andy and Brittany Thoms (Surviving to Thriving)

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