#41 Build a Team You Can Keep - with Cindi Filer

April 01, 2021 01:14:58
#41 Build a Team You Can Keep - with Cindi Filer
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#41 Build a Team You Can Keep - with Cindi Filer

Apr 01 2021 | 01:14:58


Show Notes

Have you ever had a star team member hand in their resignation? Did that moment make you want to sag back into your chair in despair? In this conversation with Cindi, we talk about how your people are your company’s greatest resource, as she breaks down the ways you can intentionally support your employees, making your business more attractive to your team and more profitable as a result.

So if you’ve struggled with or avoided the topic of HR in your business, or if you’re always looking to learn and up-level your processes and best practices, this episode is for you!


“The Advantage,” by Patrick Lencioni

“The E-Myth,” by Gino Wickman

“The Ideal Team Player,” by Patrick Lencioni

Find out more about Cindi Filer and check out the video library on innovative-outsourcing.com!

For info about their HR program, visit thrivinghr.io!

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