#33 Creating a Purpose-Driven Lifestyle - with Maurice Philogene

February 11, 2021 00:57:09
#33 Creating a Purpose-Driven Lifestyle - with Maurice Philogene
Stronger Business Podcast
#33 Creating a Purpose-Driven Lifestyle - with Maurice Philogene

Feb 11 2021 | 00:57:09


Show Notes

Does working a 9-5 job mean that you can’t have the lifestyle freedom that you desire? Or does running a successful business mean that your life can only consist of things that keep that business going? In this episode with Maurice Philogene, we explore how five personal freedoms allow you to have the lifestyle you want, whether that is inside or outside an entrepreneurial context.

So if you’re realizing that life doesn’t look anything like what you imagined it could, or if you are looking to recenter yourself and take control of your choices, this episode is for you!

Find out more about Maurice Philogene on www.thequattroway.com!

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