#110 Start Ugly and Grow a Business - with Chris Krimitsos

September 30, 2022 00:57:25
#110 Start Ugly and Grow a Business - with Chris Krimitsos
Stronger Business Podcast
#110 Start Ugly and Grow a Business - with Chris Krimitsos

Sep 30 2022 | 00:57:25


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Would you say that you understand the timing of your industry? Do you continuously work to improve the quality of your product? Or do you wait until you've fully developed an idea before you can act on it? 

Today Chad and Josh interview Chris Krimitsos, founder of the international podcasting event Podfest Expo and successful serial entrepreneur. Join us to hear the difference between an entrepreneur and a business builder, how to remove friction from your product experience, how to start ugly, and so much more! 

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“Start Ugly,” by Chris Krimitsos

Find out more about Chris Krimitsos on his website, chriskrimitsos.com, and get tickets for Podfest Expo at podfestexpo.com!

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